This blog is for the thinking person. Events trigger thoughts and I have chosen to share my thoughts with you.

Who am I?

My name is John-Peter Gernaat.


I am a first generation South African from Dutch parents. This colours my view on life. Although I resonate strongly with Africa there are European cultural elements that shine through, such as Christmas and snow. I studied Earth Sciences and I have an inquisitive mind. Technology holds a certain fascination for me and I have argumentation and process control featured strongly in my working life.

Through all this science I have always known that I am more than an animate machine and I have hold an innate sense for a greater spiritual reality. I have looked into many streams of thought and hold to a view on reality that resonates most strongly with me. Through this view on life I have had the clear experience of progressing through clear phases in life that seem to link to seven year cycles. The changing of teeth and puberty being the most obvious. At about 42 years I felt less inclined to pursue a career for the sake of personal wealth and more inclined to look at how I can use my accumulated knowledge and experience to benefit the world around me.

I have studied self improvement books since university with Kahlil Gibran and Richard Bach being among the earliest. I have attended numerous training programmes that would be considered ‘alternative’. Through it all I still find that there is a central view of reality that has remained steady.

Local and world events often cause me to reflect and these reflections produce the thoughts that I have decided to share here.  I’m not seeking approval but would appreciate thoughts that arise in my readers through these posts.

Happy reading.

Random Thoughts Triggered By Current Events Looking For Your Comments

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