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What would you do if you found R1,000 ($440) at an ATM?

What would you do if you found R1,000 ($440) at an ATM?

This question arises out of a speech I heard at a local Toastmasters club this morning. The person delivering his speech, which he had entitled “There must be a God”, is a divorced man with two young children from a missionary family. He used three examples from his own life that he hoped would demonstrate why, in his opinion, there is a God. One of these examples was that on three occasions in his life when he had been in dire need of money he had prayed. On the same day as he had prayed on the first occasion he had found R500 lying on a pavement, on the second he had found R1,000 lying at an ATM and on the third he had won money.

My own reaction was one of shock that a person of high morals and integrity would think that finding money at an ATM is the answer to a prayer. I certainly believe in the power of prayer and I also believe that every event that is presented to me in my life has a gift to offer me. Were I to find R1,000 (using the Big Mac Index rather than currency exchange rates this equates to UD$440 or £460) I would expect to find a gift in the journey of returning the money to its rightful owner. I would go to the bank and hope they could trace all cash withdrawal just prior to me finding the money and trace the person who had inadvertently walked away without his/her money. I would think that possibly the grateful owner of the money might honour me with a finder’s fee or that the bank might offer me job or in some way the good that I had enacted would be rewarded.

However, I think I may in the minority and that most people would see money just lying about as a just answer to a prayer.